Taking 3D maps to the next level

I struggled for over a month on this and in the end gave up.  I phoned a friend.

My conundrum was how to get buildings mapped in 3D onto a 3D model of terrain.

I found the data for terrain and the data for building heights in the city of Wellington, NZ on this website https://koordinates.com/layer/1431-wellington-city-suburbs/.  My first issue was that the data came as a ‘shapefile’ which seemed to me to be spreadsheets of data points.  Then my second issue was how to merge the data to give height of land + building on a 3D map.

I was chatting to a friend who does this sort of thing for a living and she said ‘leave it to me’.  So I did, and the result (cue fanfare)


IMG_4483OK so its not perfect but to be fair that is because of the puny processing power of the computer.  I had to make this at the 3rd best level of detail as the best crashed the computer.  There are simply far too many points of data for the processor to handle.  maybe I will find someone with a more awesome computer and get a better one someday.  It is printing as I type this.  🙂



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