Taking 3D maps to the next level

I struggled for over a month on this and in the end gave up.  I phoned a friend. My conundrum was how to get buildings mapped in 3D onto a 3D model of terrain. I found the data for terrain and the data for building heights in the city of Wellington, NZ on this website https://koordinates.com/layer/1431-wellington-city-suburbs/.  … Continue reading Taking 3D maps to the next level


MindLab Reflections

As my MindLab journey draws to a close it is timely to reflect on the journey I have undergone.  Osterman (1993) states “the intent of reflective practice is to improve the quality of professional performance”  and as I hope to improve, I must reflect.  Osterman (1993) also states “Reflective practice is a professional development process … Continue reading MindLab Reflections