Gamification 2!

I have been in contact with EA Sports with regard to using SimCity4 in my Geography year 12 class.

download (1)

I just needed to work out licensing and purchase issues really.  I wanted to know if I needed lots of copies of the game or a site license.

So I spoke to a very helpful advisor who told me

“to play game on different PC at same time you need to login to origin account and you can login 1 account in 1 PC at one time. So you need to purchase game on different accounts.”

So I need to buy a full class set of the game on a full class set of EA Sports gaming accounts.  That is about NZ$600 all up but they were extra nice and gave me a 15% discount code.  I then asked if I could use the game the following year of this would be an annual cost.

“There is no need to purchase them again. Once you purchase them, they will be in your account forever. You can install the game from the accounts.”

So that’s great.  I don’t even need to make the students uninstall them as they can be installed on multiple devices.  The only problem is they cannot be played from 2 devices at the same time from the same account.  hence needing 30 separate accounts with a copy of the game on each one.

This looks like a plan for 2018!!

I will be able to teach urban models and structures, urban sprawl, urban function and patterns and heaps of other things through a computer game.  Now that is GVIS!!!!



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